Sunday, 31 August 2014

Thoughts of the month

1. I saw a nutritionist this month and it was really helpful. Whilst I've always had a healthy diet, I know very little about nutrition. She told me that I'm vegetarian, which, as stupid as it sounds, I didn't realise. She also told me that I don't eat nearly enough protein. Trying to get enough protein in my diet is proving to be rather difficult, but I'm working on it and I have so much more energy!

2. Being told I'm vegetarian has made me more strict about not eating meat. I don't like meat, never have, so I was only eating it when Tiger was home because he eats meat with every meal and it's easier to eat it than to cook two meals. But when I thought about it I realised that I really, really don't like meat and that it doesn't make me feel good. So I've stopped eating it.

3. Robin Williams dying was really, really sad. Depression is a horrible illness. One of my beautiful friends has depression, it's heartbreaking to see her suffer.

4.  Another WA FIFO worker suicided this month. I feel so sad for him, his family and his friends. Companies really need to rethink the FIFO lifestyle. Take a person away from their family, friends and support network, put them in an environment where the common attitude is "toughen up princess" and you have a recipe for disaster. It's time more was done to stop this happening.

5. I've heard people say "but they don't have to do FIFO". Not always true. Look at our situation. There are no jobs locally. If we want hubby to stop doing FIFO we have to move to another town. Sometimes that isn't affordable. When hubby was doing a 4 and 1 swing and I'd had enough, it took 2 months for him to find a local job. People doing FIFO often do not have any other choice. 

6. Sephora is finally coming to Australia. I'll be very interested to see what happens. If they bring US prices here it will have a huge impact on a lot of retailers from the big department stores to chemists etc. Why would people buy the chemist brands when they can get high end brands for the same price. I will be watching with interest.  

7. We spent an afternoon at my Dad's house with my brother, sitting around a bonfire whilst the kids played. It was magical and reminded me of why we moved down here. 

8. Having spent some time in the city this month, I miss it a bit. There are lots of things that I don't miss, but I do miss having lots of things to do. In the country there are not many things to do with the kids.

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