Friday, 22 August 2014

FFS Friday

Good morning! Look, I'm on time with my FFS Friday post, yay me!
So I've been wondering lately, why does nobody talk about the crap stuff that happens? I don't get it. Life isn't all roses so why can't we talk about it? Surely knowing about other people's crap makes us feel better, like we aren't the only ones going through it?

Case in point, Chai has been driving me crazy lately. I spoke to two friends and mentioned that Chai has turned into a horrible beast of a child and they both told me they have been going through the same thing. It made me feel better to know it's just not me who's struggling. So for all of you out there who are struggling, you aren't alone.

My FIL is still gravely ill. FFS.

Trying to get a straight story about what's going on with him is proving impossible. FFS.

FIL tells me one story, MIL tells me another. FFS.

Neither of them make much sense and I really don't know who to believe. FFS.

It's times like these I wish we were still living in the city, that way I could go to the hospital and speak to the nurses and Drs myself. FFS.

Monday I spoke to FIL and he told me he'll be in hospital for another few weeks. FFS.

I spoke to MIL a few hours later and she said he'd be out in a few days. FFS.

MIL insists that FIL is getting better, but he doesn't sound better, he sounds terrible. FFS.

He also says that he's feeling terrible and he's one of those people who never admits that he's not well, so for him to say he's feeling terrible it must be bad. FFS.

I suspect that MIL is in denial. FFS.

Which is a whole other issue. I really don't think she's coping and yet there is sweet FA that I can do about it. FFS.

When I ask her how she's doing I can hear that she's near to tears. FFS.

I don't know how much longer she can cope with this without falling in a heap. FFS.

My once lovely Chai has turned into a horrible child. FFS.

Not to be outdone, I have turned into a horrible mother. FFS.

Chai screams, hits, headbutts, hurts his brother, doesn't do what I ask him to and is a general nightmare. FFS.

Saturday when we were out he stealth attacked me with a running headbutt. FFS. 

It takes all my willpower not to smack him. FFS.

Or strangle him. FFS.

Or tell him to shut the f@#$ up. FFS.

Or all of those things at once. FFS.

Not to be outdone, I am also screaming. FFS.

Monday I yelled so loud at him that I hurt my throat. FFS.

Yesterday, in an effort to show him why he shouldn't headbutt his brother,  I headbutted Chai. FFS.

He thought it was funny. FFS.

I should have headbutted him properly instead of doing it very gently. FFS.

Because he's constantly being attacked by his brother, Eljay has now started attacking other children. FFS.

As soon as he sees another baby he pulls it's hair, headbutts it and tries to bite it. FFS.

Anyone want to catch up for a play date? Hahahaha.

That concludes my weekly whinge. If you'd like to read more whinges, head over to Sarah's blog. If you've had any FFS worthy moments, please share them with me to make me feel better. 

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