Friday, 15 August 2014

FFS Friday - Shocker

Hello Friday! It is Friday isn't it? I keep thinking it's Monday. FFS.

Yesterday I asked someone if they'd had a good weekend. FFS.

She looked at my like I was crazy, I probably am. FFS.

The last two weeks have been a shocker. FFS.

FIL is really, really unwell. FFS.

When I say really, really unwell, I mean he's been on deaths door. FFS.

Just when we thought he was on the mend he took a turn for the worse. FFS.

It's no secret that I rarely get any time out. FFS.

Tuesday I'd arranged to catch up with Kirsten for a few hours. I'd accidentally stood her up the week before as we'd been in Perth seeing the FIL, so this week I was really looking forward to it. I was on my way in to town, only about 1 minute away from Kirsten, when I got a phone call from Tiger telling me I had to come home cause FIL was really bad so he had to go to Perth. FFS.

I was so close to freedom but it just didn't happen. Story of my life. FFS.

I got home, we threw some things into a bag, packed the car and headed to Perth. FFS.

I had a load of washing on the line and another in the washing machine that I just had to leave. FFS.

I hadn't had breakfast so we stopped at a roadhouse for food. Tiger went in whilst I stayed in the car with the kids. I asked him for something vegetarian like a salad sandwich. He came out with a curry pie and a ham, cheese and tomato sandwich. FFS.

We went straight to the hospital to see FIL. Because he was in the coronary care unit only two people were allowed to see him at a time, which meant we spent most of our time standing in the hallway. FFS.

Standing in a hallway is not much fun, standing there with two bored kids is even less fun. FFS.

As it was all last minute we had nowhere to stay and we'd forgotten to pack all sorts of things. FFS.

Tiger packed 2 cans of shaving cream and only one tshirt. FFS.

I forgot my deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste. FFS.

By the time we left the hospital we were all exhausted, it was 5pm, peak hour traffic and we had no accommodation. FFS.

We managed to find a hotel, for $209. FFS.

The next day FIL hadn't made any progress but we decided there was nothing we could do and nothing to be gained from standing around in the hallway so we went home. FFS.

The washing I'd left was all stinky so I had to do both loads again. FFS.

It's going to take me a week to get back on top of the washing. FFS.

Tiger delayed his return to work by a few days, but even with those few extra days I still feel like I've barely seen him and I'm not ready for him to leave. FFS.

I'm totally exhausted. But what's new. FFS.

I have some good news though! After having gastro three times in the last six weeks I was worried it might be my crohn's flaring up. FFS.

I went to the Dr who suspected the same thing so I had a whole pile of blood taken. FFS.

The good news is that it's not my crohn's, I've just been really unlucky. FFS/Not FFS.

There concludes my weekly whinge. Please tell me about all the crappy things that have happened to you so that I can feel better about my week.

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If any of you can find the FFS Friday link button on Sarah's blog, please let me know as I have been unable to find it for weeks now, I think I must be going blind. FFS.

I've often wondered this so now I'm going to ask it. To all my regular readers, does crap happen to you to? Like the toilet versus dressing gown cord incident I wrote about last week. No-one talks about stuff like that but surely I'm not the only person it happens to?

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  1. sh#t happens fo sho. Ive come to totally despise winter as a season. incessantly sick children, catching every bug known to man. People kp telling me once kids are older it will all settle down. I ruddy hope so! I think as parents, we are pretty much covered in excrement of some sort. Maybe that's why having a shower is my favourite thing?! summer is coming and every shi##y thing will pass...everything is transient but its a right royal poo dealing with ! hope everything improves for you soon :)


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