Wednesday, 21 May 2014

You're doing a great job Mumma

A few weeks ago I had a really bad day. It started at 4.15am, Chai was whinging and trying to kill his brother, Eljay wanted to be held all the time and cried whenever I put him down and I was exhausted. I growled at Chai several times for being his usual mischevious self, then decided to get out of the house. We went to the park then afterwards we went to the supermarket. I wasn't having a great time at the supermarket, Chai was racing around picking things up, trying to eat them, throwing things around, etc. 

I got what I needed (coffee and chocolate!) and we were in the queue. As usual, Chai was getting into everything, trying to pull the lollypop stand apart, running away, trying to get himself an ice cream etc. I'd told him at least 10 times not to touch things and stay with me, when an older man behind me started chuckling.

Turns out he had 4 boys and we had a great chat. He gave me some really helpful advice then said a few words that I really, really needed to hear. "You're doing a great job Mumma". I told him that I didn't feel like I was doing a good job, I was exhausted, grumpy with Chai and I just wanted some time out. He told me that my boys are clearly well looked after, happy children and we all have tough days. He also said that being a parent is the toughest job in the world. Then he said it again. "You're doing a great job Mumma".

I left the supermarket with a smile on my face, feeling so much better than I had when I walked in. Funnily enough, the rest of our day was great (possibly due to the coffee and chocolate I'd stocked up on).

Sometimes it just takes a few kind words from a stranger to brighten the whole day.

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  1. How lovely. Motherhood-it's hard work but it's rewarding. Oh yea, and it can be damn painful at times. No doubt you're a great mumma! But of course we need to be reminded of that sometimes.


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