Monday, 5 May 2014

Beauty diet update

The culling continues, I got rid of 19 more items giving me a total of 42 products culled so far. I haven't done a proper cull yet, I've just taken a few minutes whenever I can to quickly look through and toss out things I know I'll never use. The fact that I haven't done a proper cull and I've thrown out 42 products just shows how much I need to do a huge cull! I haven't done one for at least five years, so it's way overdue. 

I'd like to have a really good cull where I lay everything out, group it all up into each category, then look at what I can get rid of, however I don't know if that will happen with the kids around. They've thought it's great fun when I've been culling, they both try to get in there and grab everything so I can just imagine what they'd do if I had everything laid out.

After being a bit lazy with the Use it or Lose it pile I've got back into it and started using something from the pile every few days. Most of the products have been losers. I'm being really strict, if I don't love the product out it goes. 

Finished - 11
Culled - 42
Purchased - 4
Number of products I'm allowed to buy - 7 

I've decided that after this month I'm not going to count culled products towards my tally. Even doing it 5 out 1 in, it's a ridiculous amount of products and most of them don't need replacing. 

I have made another purchase which I'll be posting about soon so stay tuned.

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