Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Mini haul from Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics

Hands up who's never heard of Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics? I hadn't either until recently, but I'm certainly glad I know about them now. I received a $50 voucher to spend on products from Fresh (the rest of the cost I paid myself).

There are so many great products on Fresh that it took me ages to decide what to buy. They have a huge range of brands that aren't available here. They also have products that have just been released and products that aren't available in Australia yet. 
Joeur Cashmere Creme Eyeshadow - This was the first product that went into my cart. I've wanted to try Joeur products for ages and this looks so pretty. 
I did take a photo before I smooshed my finger into the product, but it turned out all blurry, hence the photo above.
Lancome Lip Lover - I've been reading about these on US blogs and knew that I needed one, so when I saw them on the site I put one in my cart straight away! I'm not sure if these are available on counters yet, so if you want one (and trust me, you do want one), Fresh is the place to find them.  
Guerlain Baume De La Ferte lip balm - I bought this because I'm looking for something to stop the fine lines that I see around my mouth when I pucker my lips and this is supposed to be good for that, plus, it's Guerlain and a lip balm so I couldn't resist. 

Fresh have a price match guarantee so if you can find the same product at a cheaper price, they'll match the price (as long as you contact them before you make your purchase). 

My purchase arrived to regional WA within 5 days which is unheard of, things usually take at least a week to get here, usually more. 

I can see this will be the first haul of many from Fresh. 
Have you ordered from Fresh before? What should I order next?
Any recommendations for a treatment to treat my lip lines? 

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