Saturday, 26 April 2014

FFS Friday - There's a mouse in the house

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have all had a wonderful, short week! Yes, I know it's Saturday, but writing FFS Friday on ANZAC day just didn't seem right.

I don't know how I forgot to mention this last week, but we had another maggot incident. FFS.

Actually I do know how I forgot to mention it, I was too tired to think rational thoughts. FFS.

This maggot incident wasn't as bad as the last one. There weren't as many maggots and they were outside and not in the garage. Also, Tiger had to deal with them. Not FFS.

We've now stopped putting food scraps in the organics bin. FFS.

Until they design a biodegradable bag that is strong enough to not break open and let maggots get everywhere, our food scraps will be going into the normal green bin. FFS.

Now for yesterday. It was a doozy. FFS.

I woke up at 3.30am with a huge headache and couldn't get back to sleep. FFS.

I needed to take some painkillers but couldn't because I had both boys sleeping on me and every time I moved they woke up. FFS.

So I lay there trapped under two sleeping children, with a pounding headache, until 5am. FFS.

Every morning when I'm having my shower Eljay pounds at the door wanting to get in, so I decided to let him in. As soon as the water hit him he started screaming. FFS.

I had only just got into the shower so was barely wet, with a screaming baby. FFS.

I put him on the floor of the shower and luckily he was happy enough for me to quickly wash my bits and get us both out. FFS.

I put a towel around us both and was in the nursery getting Eljay dressed when I heard some rustling noises. I was wondering what it was when I saw a mouse run across the room! FFS!

I'm fine with spiders, cockroaches etc but I cannot stand mice! FFS.

I quickly got Eljay up, grabbed some clothes and nappies and evacuated the room! FFS.

So there we were, both wet and naked and I had no idea what to do. FFS.

I called Dad, he didn't answer. FFS.

I called my brother who thought it was hilarious. FFS.

He told me that there would be more than one mouse, that they can climb up walls and under doors and that I needed to get some mouse traps. FFS.

Sofa king helpful. Not!! FFS.

Dad called back and he also thought it was hilarious. Thanks Dad. FFS.

My brother had told me that the mouse would be long gone, so I went back into the bedroom to grab some more clothes for Eljay and I saw it again! FFS.

I hightailed it out of the room and jammed some towels under the door hoping that would stop the mouse from leaving the room. FFS.

I loaded both the boys into the car and headed to Bunnings. Eljay sang me the song of his people the whole way there. Chai yelled in harmony. It was fun. FFS.

When we got to Bunnings it was closed. FFS. 

For another two hours. FFS.

I took them to the park where Chai will usually play happily for hours. He'd had enough after fifteen minutes. FFS.

We went back to wait for Bunnings to open and both boys cried hysterically the whole trip there. FFS.

When we arrived I got Eljay out to feed him and Chai was really upset because he'd taken his seatbelt off. FFS.

I told him he didn't need it on because we weren't going anywhere but he wouldn't stop crying till his seat belt was on. I've taught him well. Not FFS.

We did what we needed to do and then headed home. Due to the lack of sleep, by the time we got home I'd convinced myself that there was a mouse plague at my house and that I'd open the door to see mice dropping from the roof and running all over the house. FFS.

I opened the door and everything was normal. No mouse in sight. Not FFS.

I bolted into the nursery, set up the mouse traps and bolted out again. I don't like killing things but Bunnings were out of the humane mouse traps. FFS.

Within half an hour I heard the trap go off. FFS.

I still haven't gone in there to get rid of the mouse. FFS.

I'm going to get Dad to come over and do it for me. FFS.

And yes, I am a grown woman. 

That evening I was telling Tiger the story of my day and he thought it was so funny that he had tears running down his face. FFS.

Bloody unsupportive husband. FFS.

That concludes my whinges for the week. If you've had any FFS worthy moments, please tell me all about them so that I can pretend I'm Tiger and laugh at you. 
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Dear Baby G


  1. So sorry but i think it's hilarious
    I'm not scared of mouse but I can't stand spiders ewwww
    Btw we have a mouse running around at work at the moment and o ones willing to throw him out he is like a part of my work family now lol 😀

    1. See I'm okay with spiders, they don't worry me at all, but mice, ewwwwwww!


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