Friday, 9 August 2013

FFS Friday - On the move

Our beautiful baby boy arrived on Friday night. Not FFS.

My waters broke just as I was plating up dinner, so I missed out on dinner. FFS.

He arrived very, very quickly, so quickly that I nearly had him in the toilet. FFS.

Sunday morning the BIL called. I didn't feel like talking to him but answered the phone because I thought he'd be calling to congratulate us on the new arrival. He wasn't. FFS.

He didn't ask how I was or say anything about the baby, he just started carrying on about a network marketing thing he wanted me to put on my blog. FFS.

I didn't like being in hospital so came home on Sunday morning. Not FFS.

The PIL's came down on Monday. FFS.

That was the last thing I needed. A new baby and the PIL's around. FFS.

As per usual, MIL was an absolute nightmare. FFS.

Tuesday they said that they were feeling 'unwanted'. FFS.

You have to be joking me. I'd just had a baby, my milk had come in so I was feeling hormonal and then they were complaining that I was making them feel unwanted. FFS.

Of course they were fucking unwanted. Who wants a house full of people when they've just bought a baby home! FFS.

Especially an annoying, meddling, can't keep her mouth shut mother in law. FFS.

They bought an electronic car for Chai. FFS.

And they gave it to him on Monday night, so of course he didn't want to go to bed, he wanted to play with his new car. FFS.

As I mentioned last week, the owners had until Sunday to find someone to buy our house before the bank took it. We've been waiting all week to hear if the house is getting repossessed or not. FFS.

Meanwhile, we've found somewhere else to live. We called our property manager and told her that we've found somewhere else to live and will be moving out. She said that she'd let the owner know. She got back to us and said that the owner is no longer willing to let us out of the lease and that she'll take us to court if we break the lease. FFS.

According to the owner, the offer to break the lease was a one time offer. She didn't bother telling us that, so we've spent the last month or so house hunting. FFS.

So now I have a newborn baby, a confused two year old, we're moving and we'll be facing legal action from the owner of our property. Great. FFS.

I will not let any of this stress me though, because it's a situation I can't change or control. 

If any of you have had some FFS moments this week, please let me know so that I feel better. 

Dear Baby G

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