Friday, 2 August 2013

FFS Friday - Relief at last

Tiger is home now, it's such a huge relief! He came home a few days early, I was so pleased and now I feel like I can relax and enjoy the time before bub arrives. Not FFS.

As proof of how difficult I was finding things last week, I got the PIL's to come and stay for the weekend. FFS.

I know, I can't believe it either but I was desperate. FFS.

I was really struggling and I didn't want Chai to continue to suffer. The poor little man was so bored with me unable to do much with him and being so tired, he was getting upset because he wanted to go out and have fun and we couldn't. So I took drastic measures and asked the PILs to help. FFS.

It was lovely having them here. They kept Chai entertained and I got to rest, it was bliss. Not FFS. 

MIL was on her best behaviour and very pleasant to be around the whole time, until Tiger got home. Then she became unbearable. FFS.

I'm starting to get very worried about how things will go when I have a newborn. FFS.

I don't want Chai to suffer so I think I'm just going to have to soldier on, tired or not. I'm going to enroll him in a few different activities and on days that I'm struggling hopefully Dad or one of my other family members will be able to take him so that he doesn't miss out. 

Over the years I've made about 30 orders with Strawberrynet and never had any problems. My orders have always arrived within 5 to 7 working days. At the start of July I placed an order with them for some By Terry products that I really wanted. Of course, that was the order that went missing. FFS.

Last week I started a new career as a thief. FFS.

To my great surprise, it's really easy and I'm very good at it. FFS.

I went to Priceline to get some more brow gel and eye make-up remover. I'd managed to wangle Chai into a trolley so that he was confined and couldn't wreck the store. Clever. Not FFS.

We were walking past the vitamins when he started screaming blue murder because he'd seen something he wanted. FFS.

Upon investigation it was Lightening MacQueen multivitamins. FFS.

Bloody brilliant idea, so I got them for him then continued on to get my brow gel. I put the brow gel in the front section of the trolley, totally forgot I needed eye make-up remover and went to the checkout to pay. I paid for the multivitamins and left the shop. As I was wandering around about 10 minutes later I spotted the brow gel sitting in the front of the trolley and realised I hadn't paid for it. FFS.

So I made the long treck back to Priceline and paid for my brow gel. FFS.

I'm surprised it was so easy to steal something, but despite this I have no intention of doing it again! FFS.

When I went back and paid for the brow gel the checkout lady looked at me like she thought I was crazy. FFS.

As I said last week, Chai is now refusing to sleep during the day. FFS.

This means that by 5pm he is tired and whingey. It's not fun. I now understand what people mean when they talk about the witching hour. FFS.

I've been having really graphic dreams this pregnancy but it hasn't really worried me because they haven't been bad dreams. Except for Sunday night. FFS.

I dreamed I was at the hospital and I could see the whole outline of the baby in my belly, then it came bursting out the top of my belly and the hospital staff wouldn't give me the baby because they said it was dead when it wasn't. I insisted that they give me the baby because I could see it's eyelids fluttering and as soon as I held the bub on my chest it was okay. FFS.

The same night Chai woke up at 3am wanting a bottle. FFS.

I refused to give it to him (I offered him water which he didn't want) so he threw a screaming tantrum. FFS.

As I was trying to get him back to sleep MIL came crashing into the room and loudly called out to see if I was there. FFS.

Where the hell did she think I'd be? FFS.

The next morning she said that she thought I might have been asleep. FFS.

Considering Chai and I sleep in the same bed, how she thought I could sleep through that racket is beyond me. FFS.

If there is no offer on our house by Sunday then the bank is going to take it, which means we will be given 30 days to move out. FFS.

Considering the estate agency is making no effort at all to sell the property, it's highly unlikely that it will sell. FFS.

They called Thursday and wanted to show someone through so we said that they could come over that afternoon. They rang us back and said that the person couldn't make it and didn't ask to for them to come through another time. FFS.

They haven't asked to show anyone else or have any home opens so I'm not sure how they imagine that they'll sell the house. If I was the owners I'd be pretty annoyed with the estate agency! FFS. 

Really, if your house was about to get repossessed wouldn't you be telling the estate agent to do everything they could to sell the property? FFS.

If the owners and selling agent hadn't treated us so badly we would have put an offer in, however they way they behaved made us not want to buy the house. Very silly of them. FFS. 

As I've mentioned, to my great relief Tiger came home on Monday. Not FFS.

Monday night he woke me up at 1.30am to complain that I was snoring. FFS.

As if there is anything I can do about it! FFS.

I'm having enough trouble sleeping as it is without him waking me up to whinge about something I can't change! FFS. 

He knows that I snore at the end of my pregnancy and he also knows that there is nothing I can do about it, so why he though waking me up to complain was a good idea I don't know. FFS.

If I hadn't been so exhausted he would have sustained physical damage, lucky for him I was too tired to bother. FFS.

Chai rarely has tantrums however every now and again he likes to have a big scream. I don't discourage this as I think it's healthy to express your emotions, so I tell him it's okay to yell if he's feeling frustrated. A few days ago he decided to have a full on, throw yourself on the floor screaming tantrum. FFS.

I left him to it and when he'd finished and gotten up I asked him if he felt better, to which he sweetly replied "Yes mum mum" and then continued playing like nothing had happened. Cheeky little monkey. FFS.

Now that you've had a good laugh at my expense, head over to Sarah's blog and laugh at the misfortune of everyone else :) 

Dear Baby G

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  1. Well this was obviously very good therapy for you because you had your BABY!! Congratulations and I hope it all went well xx


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