Monday, 19 August 2013

Long vs short hair care

For years I've had very long hair, nearly down to my waist. About six months ago I cut it to bra strap length then a few weeks ago I cut it to shoulder length. I haven't regretted this decision once, probably because I'd been sick of my hair for ages and I'd planned to chop it all off for ages. Plus, I didn't chop it really short (really short for me is shoulder length), straight away, I did a mid cut just in case I didn't like having shorter hair. 

I've realised that my hair care needs are now very different. Contrary to what you may think, long hair is much easier to look after than short hair.

Looking after long hair is easy. It only needs washing once a week and to style it I'd just put some oil on the ends, smoothing cream through the mid lengths and then tie it back. If I wanted to leave it down all I did was put it in a bun overnight and in the morning I'd wake up with wavy hair. Simple.

Short hair is a whole different ball game. It needs washing every second or third day, I can't just pull it back and I need to style it every day. I'm still working out what to use and how to use it but so far texturiser and beach spray are my best friends. One great thing about short hair is that it holds it's style. When I had long hair, if I straightened it or styled it, by the next morning I'd need to do it again (so I usually didn't bother). With short hair it holds the style much better so I just need to give it a tweak in the morning and it's good to go.

It's a common misconception that long hair is difficult to look after when really it isn't. Interestingly I've found that since my hair has been shorter it's gotten a lot thicker. My hairdresser said that this would happen, he had a great explanation that I can't remember, but it was something to do with long hair being heavy and getting weighed down so there isn't as much hair. 

For those of you with long hair, thinking about getting the chop, do it! After all, it's only hair, it'll grow back. For my next trick I'm planning on dying my hair red, but that is going to wait until after the baby gets here as I don't want to be breathing in chemicals whilst I'm pregnant and there are no Original and Mineral salons down here.

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