Friday, 1 June 2012

FFS Friday

It's Friday! I can't think of anything interesting to say, FFS, so I'll just say Friday, Friday, Friday! Yay!

After Sarah and Amy talking about them it became obvious that bub needed and Unbelievabowl. Surprisingly it was very difficult to find. FFS.

After searching five stores I finally found one. FFS.

Got it home and couldn't get the bowl off the base. FFS.

After persisting for over half an hour (I was determined not to be beaten by a babies bowl!) I got the base off. FFS.

I then spent 15 minutes removing all the residue from the sticker Heinz thoughtfully put in the bottom of the bowl. FFS.

I thoroughly read the instructions, stuck the base to bubs high chair and tried to put the bowl on. Unfortunately this didn't work as the base kept on moving. FFS.

At this point I gave up and decided to try again the next day. FFS.

Tried again the next day and this time the base didn't move, so I successfully stuck the bowl on and put bubs food into it. He spent the whole meal trying to get the bowl off. FFS.

He then decided that he wouldn't eat until he could get the bowl off and cried until I removed the bowl from the base. FFS.

Bloody waste of money. FFS.

To my great delight Bub is going through a very clingy stage with hubby. FFS.

This is wonderful when hubby is home, but becomes rather problematic when he isn't home. FFS.

Considering hubby works 6 days a week, it is a problem more often than not. FFS.

You know how I was wondering how I'd cope when bub had a tantrum in public? I know now. FFS.

Tuesday bub had his first tantrum in public. FFS.

Tuesday night I went to the NKOTBSB concert. I needed to leave the house at 6.30pm which meant hubby had to come home from work and jump straight into the shower with bub so that I could get him out, dried and dressed before I went. Naturally bub chose that night to want a long shower. FFS.

I managed to get him ready and get out of the house by 6.30pm and had a great time at the concert. 

I got home at 11.30pm (I've normally been asleep for at least 2 hours by that time). FFS.

As I was quietly closing the front door I heard hubby loudly saying SSSSSHHHHHH. FFS.

I thought that was rather strange but figured it was directed at bub. FFS.

I took two steps and I again heard hubby loudly saying SSSSHHHH. FFS.

Again I assumed it was not directed at me as I was wearing rubber soled shoes so was not making any noise. FFS.

I took another two steps and hubby whispered loudly at me BE QUIET. FFS.

I pointed out that I hadn't made any noise, he was the only one making noise. FFS.

He then told me that he'd spent an hour and a half trying to settle bub. FFS.

Welcome to my world sunshine. FFS.

The next morning he claimed not to remember how nicely he greeted me. FFS.

He then commenced complaining about how difficult his evening was. FFS.

Again, welcome to my world sunshine. FFS.

Episode two of Conversations I Don't Remember Having With My Husband occurred this week. FFS.

He told a friend that we aren't trying for another bub, we are just "seeing what happens." FFS.

I'm convinced he must be having these conversations with Other Wife. FFS.

I wish Other Wife would help out around the house. FFS.

It's been confirmed that I've gone crazy. FFS.

The last few times the in laws have been here I've enjoyed it. FFS.

HELP!!!!!! FFS.
Dear Baby G


  1. 'Welcome to my world Sunshine' freaking hilarious!! I think you are way funnier than me x Huge compliment since I think I am pretty god damn funny x

  2. You enjoyed your in laws?? Someone get this girl an intervention STAT!

    "Welcome to my world sunshine" is heard around here very often too, and if whining continues it's followed up with "And your point is?"

    Happy weekend!

  3. The Unbelievabowl can go and Unbelievabowly f... itself. I cannot work it. It's useful but Millie can crack the code before I can, and gets angry when she's finished eating, and the food is just SITTING there, TAUNTING her.
    Sounds like the concert was great fun! And I have the odd 'Welcome to my world' thoughts too...



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