Saturday, 9 June 2012

Dear Chai

Today you are fifteen months old.  

You're developing a really strong personality and you are very cheeky. You love to tease us and play games. You'll pretend to kiss us or give something to us, then you'll pull back and laugh. You do that over and over again and think it's so funny. You also like to roar like a lion to scare us. Peekaboo is still a great game and you love it when we hide from you then jump out and scare you. You jump really high, giggle, turn around and run away then come back so that we can scare you again.

You are very determined and know exactly what you want. You don't have any problems letting Daddy and I know what you want either. You'll climb up onto us, put your arm around our neck and point at what you want. If you don't get what you want you chuck a tantrum. 

When it comes to tantrum chucking you've got that down pat. You arch your whole body and roar. If that doesn't work you bite, scratch and pull at whatever part of me you can get hold of. If we are at home you'll lie on your back on the floor and cry (with real tears!) until I come and pick you up. I can see you are going to be a challenge! 

You've now started to enjoy playgrounds, you love climbing things and going down the slide. You also like walking up the slide with me or Dad holding your hands.

You can walk out the door on your own now. At first you needed me to hold your hand, now you can get out all on your own. Steps are your favourite thing, you love climbing up and down them, with or without help.

We've started going for a walk every afternoon, either on your trike or in the pram. You don't mind the pram now as long as we are moving, if we stop you get restless and want to get out. You're not at the stage where you can walk with us when we go shopping as you want to walk where you want to walk and won't hold my hand.

You are talking more and more, at the moment your favourite word is DadDad. You're obsessed with Dad at the moment, you want to be with him all the time. When he's at work you want to call him and chat. You'll point to the phone and say DadDad. If that doesn't work you'll go to the front door, point outside and say DadDad. 

You can say Nanna, Mum, Bub, Dad, Up and are making lots of different sounds and noises.

You can make the sound of a tractor, lion and brrrrmmm like a car or a motorbike. You can also say mooooo and baaaaaa.

You have 2 more teeth, molars. They aren't fully through yet but they don't seem to be bothered you, thankfully. I can feel more teeth ready to come through on the bottom too.

You went on your first overseas holiday, we went to Bali for a week. You were so good. The plane didn't bother you at all, you slept most of the way and happily climbed all over us when you were awake. Taking off and landing didn't bother you, I was worried your ears would hurt but the didn't. 

You loved Bali and all the attention you got. You were brilliant in the pram, you even slept in it to our amazement. A few times there were people that you didn't like so you roared like a lion to scare them (it was so cute!)

On the 31st of May you had your first haircut and you hated it! I'm not sure if I like your haircut or not. It looks good, but it makes you look so grown up!

Your favourite book at the moment is your Taz book.

Your favourite toys are your Elmo's and balls.

Your sleeping isn't too bad. You had a few unsettled nights when we were away, but most of the time you are only waking up once per night. 

Not a day goes past when I don't look at you and realise how blessed I am to have you in my life, you are an absolute delight.

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