Friday, 8 June 2012

FFS Friday

This weeks FFS Friday post is bought to you from Bali! As I'm writing this on my mobile it is an abbreviated version, which means next week you will get two weeks worth of whinges. You'd think that I wouldn't have much to whinge about since we're on holidays, but it's been one of 'those' holidays. FFS. Hubby is one of those people who get hangry. FFS.

I don't understand the whole hangry thing, if you're hungry, eat something, it's pretty simple. FFS.

Friday morning he comes out of bubs room after putting him to sleep and announces that he needs to get something to eat before he rips someone's head off and loses the plot. FFS.

Considering I was the only person in the house I took this as a direct threat. FFS.

So I immediately armed myself with my arnis sticks. FFS.

For some bizarre reason hubby didn't find this at all amusing. FFS.

Further evidence that he just doesn't appreciate my sparkling wit. FFS.

My talents are clearly wasted on this man. FFS.

We've been away on holiday and against our better judgement we decided to fly Jetstar again. FFS.

I had to check in online but couldn't due to an error message. FFS.

I called Jetstar who said that they'd check in for me and sms the boarding pass in half an hour. FFS.

Eight hours later we hadn't received the boarding passes. FFS.

I called back to be told that I have to check in online. FFS.

I explained that I couldn't check in online due to an error message and that was why I was calling. FFS.

They still wouldn't help me and insisted I check in online. FFS.

Knew I shouldn't have flow Jetstar. FFS.

To my delight it's been confirmed that I am holding onto the last sheds of my sanity. FFS. 

Friday we had the PILs here. FFS.

I was so not in the mood for them. FFS.

MIL just doesn't shut up. FFS.

If you think you know someone like that, trust me, you don't. FFS.

She literally doesn't shut up! FFS.

MIL says the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. FFS.

It's so bloody annoying. FFS.

She would have said "He looks like such a big boy now" at least 15 times, I am not exaggerating. FFS.

MIL bought a fur lined jacket for me. It looks like something Joe from Dr Quinn Medicine Woman would wear. FFS.

It's very sad that I know this. FFS.

Whilst the PILs were here one of them managed to lock the toilet door after exiting the toilet. FFS. 

We have the locks with the hole in the outside that you just stick a skewer into to unlock it. Hubby didn't know how to unlock the door. FFS. 

I had to teach him how to open the lock. FFS. 

Think I must have been a criminal in a past life, or maybe a lock picker. FFS. 

MIL also spent plenty of time giving us very helpful holiday advice. FFS.

She's never been overseas. FFS. 

For instance, she told me not to wear my engagement ring in case someone tried to rip it off my finger. FFS. 

It's become obvious that Bali hates us. FFS. 

The second day here Aunt Flo arrived. FFS. 

The third day I slipped while getting into the shower and badly injured my knee. FFS. 

I couldn't move for five minutes so had to lay naked and wet in the bathtub until I could move. FFS. 

Our fourth day here bub fell head first off the bed and onto the tile floor. FFS. 

The way he fell I thought he had done serious damage to his neck but thankfully he was fine other than a fat lip. FFS. 

Hubby only bought three pairs of undies with him, as you do. FFS. 

We spent the first two days here trying to find him some undies. FFS. 

I will save the rest of our holiday adventures for next week. Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. I'm happy to know I'm not alone in the hubby/PIL situation. We're great you know, it's everyone else who's insane :p.
    Thanks for making me have a giggle on a Friday :)

  2. My husband is exactly the same when he's hungry. It's like the world must stop turning to answer the call of his digestive system. Men, FFS.

    Great post!

  3. What you're in Bali ?!? We love Bali! I hope the knee is better, some ice cold Bintang should help if it's not xx


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