Monday, 25 June 2012

Findation:The foundation matcher

From the land of good ideas comes Findation. Thought up by Adore Beauty and currently in Beta (testing) mode, Findation is a global project creating the worlds largest database of matching foundation shades. 

Findation uses an algorithm to recommend similar shades, based on the matches entered by other foundation users.  

At the moment Findation needs lots of people to tell them what foundations they use so that it is able to give the best shade recommendations possible.

You can help with this and it's super easy. All you do is go to and enter the foundation shades that are a good match for your skin. You can enter as many matches as you want to, the more matches the better. 

If you log in you are able to save your matches so if you want to go back later and enter more you can. Brilliant!

Findation even gives you a % match to different shades. Here's how Kate from Adore Beauty explains it: "The percentages basically represent how much data we have on the correlation between the shades you entered and the recommended shade. For example if 100 users of MAC NC25 tell us they use Bareminerals in Light, then we can be very confident that those two shades match. But if we've only had 1 person tell us that those two shades match, then we can't be 100% sure."

This is going to be wonderful if you want to buy a new foundation online. It'll mean you can buy a foundation that you don't have local access to without worrying that it will be the wrong colour match.

It'll also be great when you're buying a foundation instore. I find that being pale I regularly get colour matched to the wrong colour because the sales assistants think I need "some colour". With the lights in the department stores it's difficult to see if it's the right colour for me until I get home and use the product. With Findation I'll know what shade I need before I go to the store which will save being matched to the wrong colour. 


  1. I actually got an email from the lady that has started this all up and completely forgot about it until now! I'd been planning to go on there, it seems like a great idea :)

  2. I've thrown in my whole 3 foundations I know I definitely match in. I wasn't much help to them but hey, every bit counts right?!

  3. This actually sounds so cool! I'm heading over there now :)

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