Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My favorite products of 2011

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch sunscreen - This is the best sunscreen I've ever used. It's meant for the body but I can use it on my face with no irritation. It truly is dry touch, when I use it it sinks in and is not at all greasy or oily. 

Everything by Soap and Glory - I love the scent of Soap and Glory products, they smell good enough to eat.

Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant - This is like using a clay mask except it's an exfoliator. It's super gentle and makes my skin feel as smooth as a baby's bum.

Anything by Face of Australia - The products are amazing and so cheap! They are just as good as high end products.

Chantecaille Lip Chics - The nicest lipstick I've ever tried.

EOS lip balm - I love the packaging, it's so cute.

Seven Wonders Moroccan Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment Oil - Amazing products. They make my hair feel so soft and hydrated. 

Australis Mineral Inject lipsticks and lipglosses - These are great quality, just as good if not better than a lot of high end products.

Simply Organic lip balm - This is up there with my top ten favourite lip balms. It's quite similar to John Masters Organics Lip Calm, just a little lighter.

Everything by Haus of Gloi - Sarah introduced me to the wonder that is HoG last year and my obsession has just grown. They make the most amazing body care products. 

Face of Australia makeup remover - I've repurchased this about three times. I can use it on my whole face including my eyes and it doesn't sting. Winner.

Sportsgirl body scrub - Natalie put me onto this and I'm now on my second tub. It smells lovely and is a bargain at only $10.

Original and Mineral The Power Base Protein Treatment and Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque - These are a must have in my hair care routine, they keep my hair hydrated and healthy.

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