Friday, 23 December 2011

FFS Friday

Dear Baby G

Sarah from Dear Baby G does a FFS Friday post that always makes me laugh, so I thought I'd join in this week. As this is the first time I've done this post these are things that have happened over the past few weeks.

I was going to the toilet one night when hubby comes racing in and swiftly closes the laundry door. When I finished on the toilet and asked him why he closed the door he said that I was weeing too loudly and he didn't want me to wake up the baby. FFS!

Bub was crying at around 3am, so hubby wakes me up to ask me if bub was okay. Seriously? I felt like saying, "yes, he's fine, he's just crying for the fun of it." So I get out of bed and then hubby asks if I want him to go check on bub. Pity he didn't think of that before he woke me up. FFS.

The Parental In Laws came to stay recently. To my great distress I learned that they think walking around someone else's house half dressed is acceptable. The sight hurt my eyeballs. FFS!

As if seeing my MIL and FIL half dressed wasn't bad enough, my FIL decided to wear hubby's favourite aftershave. He'd put the aftershave on and then sit around the house topless. Imagine Jabba the Hutt and you get some idea of what he looked like. Now whenever hubby wears that aftershave I get a mental image of a topless FIL. FFS!

We have the brother in law and sister in law staying with us at the moment (and that's a FFS all on it's own). BIL decides to take a shower and hubby asks if he needs a towel. BIL replies he doesn't cause there is a towel in the bathroom that he'll use. Hubby points out that this is his towel and BIL says that's okay he'll use it anyway! Hubby tells him he's not willing to share a towel with him and gets him his own towel. FFS!

At 1pm BIL takes a shower. At 7.30pm hubby goes to take a shower and discovers that we have no hot water. BIL helpfully tells us that we had no hot water at 1pm. FFS!

Hubby was cutting up things in the kitchen and I hear a gasp. He'd sliced his finger open with the knife. I watch him take the knife he's just cut himself with and put it in the dish rack with all the dishes that I'd just washed. When I told him to put it with the dirty dishes he told me he'd only sliced his finger with it. FFS!

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