Friday, 2 December 2011

Drama Queen and Glossy - An Update

You may recall earlier I told you a story about Drama Queen and his unsympathetic wife. I've now got an update for you. But before we get to that, I have to tell you about the pearler that Drama Queen came out with a few weeks ago

Drama Queen does martial arts and regularly has bumps and bruises. A few weekends ago he got a badly corked thigh. If you've ever had a badly corked thigh you'll know how painful it is, if you haven't, you get a huge lump and it's very difficult to walk for a few days.

Drama Queen had a badly corked thigh and was sitting on the couch rubbing it. Glossy was watching him and could see the look on is face change from 'oh this is sore to', 'oh my goodness, I hope my leg isn't going to fall off', so was waiting to hear what hilarious statement he was about to come out with.

Drama Queen stops rubbing his leg, turns to Glossy and says, "Do you think I could have a fracture?"
Unable to help herself Glossy burst out laughing and said, "I knew you were going to come out with something stupid but I didn't know it'd be that good!"
So Drama Queen started laughing and it was all forgotten.

See that's what they mean about opposites attract. Drama Queen worries and Glossy doesn't, so when Drama Queen is worrying Glossy calms him down and makes him laugh. Likewise, Drama Queen makes Glossy pay attention to things that she'd normally ignore, which is very good as Glossy can be a little careless about things, assuming that they'll all sort themselves out. Case in point, years ago Glossy had a 'sore stomach', which turned out to be appendicitis. Thinking 'she'll be right', Glossy didn't bother telling anyone about it and only told the Dr about it when she was there for something else and the Dr noticed that she couldn't move very well (due to the sore stomach). After examining Glossy the Dr sent her straight to hospital to have her appendix out, so Glossy went home, packed her bag and drove herself to hospital. Turns out that Glossy's appendix were about to burst and if she hadn't seen the Dr she would have been a very sick girl by that evening.

And now for the update on Drama Queen. After scaring himself with his heart pains, Drama Queen finally went to the Dr and got checked out. As a result he's booked in to have his gallbladder out and a belly button hernia (that we didn't know about) fixed today. Once that's all over he is going to book in for an endoscopy to find out what is causing his reflux. He's been taking his reflux medication since his scare and it has helped a bit, so things are looking up in the Drama Queen and Glossy household.

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  1. Haha I love the adventures of Glossy and Drama Queen!


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