Friday, 9 December 2011

Dear Baby Chai

Today you are nine months old. I can't believe I'm saying that. I still can't believe that I have a son. You are just perfect.

This month you learned how to pull yourself up on the furniture and walk along whilst holding the furniture. You also discovered that you can crawl around the house. You've been trying to balance without holding onto anything too. Your favourite rooms are the bathroom and the laundry. In the bathroom you like to get into the shower and play with all of Dad's shower gels. In the laundry you like to play with the pegs. You tip them all out of the basket, throw them around and chew on them.

You also discovered how to open drawers. You open my bottom two drawers in our bedroom and throw the clothes around. When we leave the door open you love playing in our walk in wardrobe, you pull my shoes out of their boxes and chew on them.

We've had to put up safety gates to keep you in our main living area because you crawl really fast and before I know it you'd be in the laundry or bathroom.

You've been throwing quite a few tantrums lately. If I take too long getting your meal ready or when we don't let you have the tv remotes you squeal and get really annoyed with us. I'm assuming this is a developmental thing. 

This month you had your first real illness, it was horrible. You got a nasty bout of gastro and were so sick that I thought we were going to have to take you to hospital. You started vomiting around 9.30pm on the Friday night and didn't stop until 1.30am. You vomited so much that you were vomiting bile. It was heartbreaking to see you so sick. Despite being so sick you were still cheerful and were laughing in between vomiting. We sat up holding you in our arms and then at midnight we bought you into our bed and I held you in my arms whilst you slept. Thankfully by the next morning you were better, just very sleepy. You slept most of the day and then on Sunday you got the runs. That didn't seem to bother you though, thankfully. After that you got a rash, which the Dr said was viral. He told us that it's quite common for a viral illness to follow gastro. Thankfully you are all better and back to normal now.

Your top teeth are on the move now. I can see the top left tooth, it's sitting just under your gum, nearly ready to come out. You've been biting everything you can (including me and Dad). I have bruises all up my arm where you've bitten me! To our great delight you have learned to blow raspberries. You're constantly blowing raspberries on my leg, you have Dad and I in fits of laughter, which of course encourages you to keep on doing it. 

You've started to say a few words. You say hello, mummum, dadad and yum. You don't say them very often and I don't think you say them on purpose yet.

For a few weeks there you started to wean yourself off the boob and were only feeding at night time, but this week you've decided to unwean yourself and you're now feeding during the day again.

Every day we play dress ups with your hats. You have three hats, a fedora, a Thomas the Tank engine hat and an Eyore hat. We stand at the mirror and put each hat on you, which you find really entertaining. Another one of your favourite games is PeekaBoo. Dad and I hide behind the lounge chair and you come crawling around looking for us. Then you'll hide behind the lounge and peek your head around and say hello or laugh, it's so adorable.

Sleep wise you're all over the place. You were sleeping really well and only waking up twice a night until you got gastro and now you are back to waking up constantly. I'm not sure if it's because your teeth are on the move or what the problem is, but I'm hoping it'll sort itself out soon because I'm exhausted. 
Your day sleeps are really good. You have a 40 minute nap in the early morning then a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day and then a 40 to 50 minute nap in the afternoon.

Your favourite toys are your crawl along snail, your touch and feel farm animal book, your talking Scout book, balloons and three water bottles with rice and noodles in them.

You are such a blessing to us, you've made us into a family and we are so happy and honoured to have you in our lives. You bring so much joy to us every day, we truly are blessed. 


  1. Such a lovely post. The newborn stage is so cute but it's around 6 - 12 months that they really learn so much development wise and their little personality really starts to shine through!

  2. Very nice read, sweet. Having a baby is very exciting and a gift from God. That's why we should always take really good care of them and give our best shot.



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