Friday, 30 December 2011

FFS Friday

Dear Baby G

Having the in laws staying has given me plenty of fodder for FFS Friday.

I was at the shopping centre with hubby and MIL. Before MIL arrived hubby and I had got takeaway chai latte's. As usual, bub saw us drinking and wanted some, so when it had cooled down I gave him a sip. MIL had a fit and told me I shouldn't be giving him coffee. I told her I wasn't giving him coffee and she argued with me telling me that I had coffee in my cup, as if I didn't know what I was drinking. FFS!

A few days later we had a family bbq. Bub was sitting on MIL's lap and he kept on trying to drink out of a beer bottle, so MIL put some beer in a cup and gave it to him! FFS!!!!!!

When I came outside she told me that she'd given him beer and I told her that it was not okay and he is not to have alcohol. Her response was that she gave it to him because he wanted it. He's a 9 month old baby! FFS!

MIL would wrap bub up in cotton wool if she could, she freaks out constantly which drives me crazy. He was crawling around on the floor and his arm slipped out from under him. He didn't hurt himself but she screamed so loudly that she scared him and he started crying. FFS!

Then she told me he was going to have a bruise on his face and made out like I was a bad mother. He didn't even make contact with the ground so I'm not sure how she thought he bruised himself. FFS.

And just so this post is not all about my MIL, here's one about my Mum.
I was showering bub and Mum was waiting to get him out of the shower for me. We were in the ensuite and Mum decides that she needs to go to the toilet, so she the ensuite! The toilet is right next to the shower, so I'm having a shower whilst Mum's on the loo. Gross. FFS!


  1. bahahaha I shouldn't laugh but that is too funny! My MIL did my head in on Xmas, can't blog about it really because she will read it FFS. But the beer omg?? what was she thinking? but that's ok and coffee is not? even though it wasn't coffee ahhh they drive me insane!

  2. Feel free to send me your FFS items about your MIL and I'll post them here for you :)
    So glad my MIL doesn't read my blog.


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