Wednesday, 30 November 2011

What's in my make-up bag?

I love looking at posts where people show what's in the make-up bag that they carry around with them. Karen did a great one recently.

Reading these posts got me thinking about the make-up that I carry around with me. I only carry around a lip balm, lipstick and a small face powder. I rarely use the powder and only touch up my lips during the day. I love the idea of being someone who touches up their powder, blush, eyeliner etc during the day, but I just don't, I can't be bothered.

What I wonder is do other people actually touch up their whole face during the day? I have a friend who will reapply her blush and face powder during the day. She touches up her face powder so often that she goes through a face powder every three or four months. It takes me about a year to use up a face powder!

I carry a make-up bag in the car for those days when I'm rushing out the door and need to apply my make-up in the car (with hubby driving of course!)

Once I've put my make-up on that's it. I don't check it or reapply it during the day.

I've never seen someone reapplying their whole make-up during the day, but surely people must? Or do they just carry everything around with them just in case?


  1. I'll normally touch up my powder and lipstick throughout the day. I always carry a makeup bag around though in case I have a breakdown and have to overnight in some random place, I honestly would rather be without a toothbrush than without my makeup if I ever broke down!

  2. Never been one to bring my makeup out as I just have no time, no space in my bag full of baby stuff! On the rare occasions that I did though, I only brought my blush to touch up on that glow to my face thats about it. Mandy x


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