Friday, 4 November 2011

Australian consumers would rather do their own Brazilian than change to cheaper skincare

The results of the recent Adore Beauty Budgeting for Beauty Survey are in, and Australian beauty lovers would rather have DIY salon treatments at home than compromise on their favourite brands.

Adore Beauty founder Kate Morris explains the thinking behind the survey: “We know our customers are as excited by skincare and cosmetics as we are, but we wanted to find out what would happen when times got tough.”

‘Would people skip a fancy meal out so they could buy their favourite cleanser? Would they colour their hair at home rather than go to a junior hairdresser? Would they do their own waxing or switch to a cheaper brand of makeup? We found out that sticking to the brands they like is still very important.”

The results?

Surprisingly, over 53% of all respondents identified Salon Treatments as one of the key areas to cut back on before spending on skincare and cosmetics, closely followed by spending on eating out, and large household purchases.

Some of the smaller more personal purchases such as shoes, clothing and chocolate proved more resilient, featuring further down the list. Not surprisingly, family remained a high priority, with less than 10% of respondents saying they would consider cutting back spending on their children.

When faced with a favourite hairdresser who put their prices up (again!), survey respondents proved stubbornly loyal, with over 56% preparing to go longer between haircuts in order to stay with the same stylist.  Only 23% would change hairdresser, 4% would ask for a discount and only 2% of people would risk having their hair cut by a junior.

When beauty spending HAD to be reduced, DIY salon treatments at home won out over downgrading to cheaper brands of skincare and makeup. An overwhelming 60% of respondents would do their waxing, nails and hair colour at home, with less than 6% of people prepared to switch to cheaper brands of haircare, skincare and makeup respectively. 

“These results weren't entirely surprising as we know how brand loyal customers can be,” commented Morris. “Once you have found the skincare regime that suits your skin type or the foundation that suits your tone perfectly, it can be very hard to give that up and move to a cheaper brand.”


  1. Well, I can agree with that: if I had less money to spend, I would do do all my waxing/hair/nails at home myself. Or just go without, but I would continue to buy skincare products that I like & that work for me, as well as makeup :) Interesting read!

  2. I wonder if all of these women do yoga for being able to do their own Brazillian. But yeh, my face would be more of a priority too


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