Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Why do you wear makeup?

A few days ago I was at home practising doing a cats eye with my eyeliner. I'd already been out for the day and wasn't going out again. I did the cats eye for fun and so that I'd look nice for hubby when he got home from work. It got me thinking about why I wear makeup and wondering why other people wear makeup.

I wear makeup because I like it and it makes me feel good. I also wear it so that I look nice for hubby. He loves that I wear makeup but loves it equally as much when I don't wear makeup. The reason he likes me wearing makeup is that he likes it when I take care of myself and spend time doing something for myself. I'm not one of those people who won't leave the house without makeup on, I happily go out bare faced, however I do prefer to be wearing something, even it's just lipgloss. 

As a child I remember seeing one of Mum's friends without makeup for the first time and being really shocked. She wore so much makeup that without it she didn't look like herself, she looked like she was ill. It was at that time that I decided I'd never wear so much makeup that people wouldn't recognise me without it. I like my everyday makeup to look natural, like I haven't made much of an effort. At the same time, I do like it to look noticeable. Since bub arrived I wear less makeup than I use to, purely because I don't have as much time to put on my makeup (and sometimes I'm too tired to care).

I love the ritual of putting on makeup and I like that it's a few minutes in the day where I spend time doing something that's just for me. I don't get the chance to do my hair and I'm too lazy to anyhow, so putting on my makeup is often the only time in the day where I do something purely because I want to.


  1. i do it because it's fun; because it can transform me into any look that I want from day to day; because it hides my imperfections and plays up my beautiful aspects; because why not?

  2. I do it because its fun and sometimes I do it because it helps me look pulled together especially for work

  3. i wear makeup just to hide any imperfections and boost my confidence while facing with people; just a little makeup would do my day a lot...; sometimes makeup is a fun stuff to shop and play around with...


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