Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Dear Baby Chai

Today you are eight months old. You've had a wonderful month. You now have two teeth, your second bottom one came through on the 9th of October. You had your first virus, you got a rash but other than that you didn't have any other symptoms and it didn't seem to worry you. The Dr and naturopath say that you have an iron constitution, which is great. Sounds like you'll be just like Dad and I, we rarely get sick.

You can sit up without falling over now, which delights you. You can also get yourself into a full sitting position all on your own and you love pulling yourself up into a standing position. You're so proud of yourself when you stand up, plus it means you can reach so many more things!

This month you went on your first bus ride and you loved it, so we've now started taking the bus a few times a week. Taking the bus is a lot easier than driving and you enjoy the trip, which you don't when we travel by car.

I'm sure your hair gets thicker every day and it's blonde! 

Like your father you are a natural flirt. You've been a flirt from when you were tiny. Everytime we see a female your eyes light up and you give her a huge smile. Due to this all the ladies think you are beautiful and you get fussed over a lot, at which point you then go all coy and hide, it's very cute.

You've been commando crawling for a while, but you can now crawl and love moving around getting into things. The first time you crawled was on Friday morning the 28th of October. You were out the front with Dad and you crawled towards him. Dad was so excited, it bought a tear to his eye.
After that you didn't crawl a lot, you decided a caterpillar crawl was easier but then on the 6th of November you decided crawling was the way to go.

Sitting still is not something that you know how to do. You're constantly on the moving, looking around, crawling under the table, following me around the house and climbing on things. 

You are still an eating machine, you now eat five times a day. You have three meals a day plus two snacks and whatever I eat you share as well. We gave you vegemite for the first time this month, it was so funny. You screwed up your face like you were sucking a lemon each time you took a bite, but kept on coming back for more. 

At the moment your favourite toys are Ellery the Elephant, Sophie the teething giraffe, Scout, the Scout book, my old chai container with things in it to make it rattle, balloons and your stand with lights and balls on it. You also have a book with a mirror in the back of it that you love. You stare at yourself and put your forehead on the mirror and watch yourself, then give yourself a kiss.

This month we bought you a high chair because you've figured out how to get out of your bumbo and it was getting very difficult to feed you. We attach toys to the tray of the highchair and you're quite happy sitting in it. You love throwing things onto the floor from your high chair and then looking pointedly down at them until I pick them up for you to throw again. 

You are such a happy baby, you spend most of the day smiling and laughing. You've figured out how to stick your tounge out and blow to make a noise (don't know how to describe it) which you do all the time. It also involves a lot of spitting, which gets everywhere (usually all over me). You've also discovered the joy of sucking your thumb so whenever you're tired you have your thumb (or sometimes your finger) in your mouth. We've been singing clapping songs so you've been practising your clapping, you clap with your hands closed at the moment though.

This month you got to spend some time with your cousins which you loved. You are so interested in and curious about other children so you really enjoyed having your cousins here to play with. 

You are the light of my life and the sunshine in my day, I am so grateful that you chose to come into my life.


  1. Aww what a darling :) I wish I had done something like this with my boys!

  2. This is so beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  3. Aww Bless, he's crawling now! You are such a beautiful and devoted Mum xxxx


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