Friday, 11 November 2011


My collection is in dire need of some serious decluttering. I've decided that it's time I came up with a proper strategy for clearing out my collection, getting it to a decent size and then keeping it under control. I've tried no buys in the past and they don't work because even when I stick to them I got on a celebratory shopping spree once they're over, which totally defeats the whole purpose of the no buy. I've also done P10P's and I celebrate them ending with a shopping spree too.

Clearly I need a new strategy. And not one that goes for a set amount of time, I need a permanent one. I've considered having a one in two out policy, which would work but it'd take quite a while. I've also considered doing a low buy where I would set myself a monthly budget and stick to it. Then I decided that the best thing to do would be not buy anything new until I've totally run out. So I won't buy a new body scrub until I don't have any body scrubs (or until I only have one that I'm using and I'm nearly out of it). I'm thinking that this will be the best idea. I won't be fussy about how I get rid of the products, I'll either use them up, give them away or bin them if they're getting old, but as long as I have something in my collection I won't buy another one.

For example, I've run out of my Haus of Gloi whipped soap and bubbling scrubs and really want to buy some more, but I won't until I've used all the shower gels and body scrubs that I have in my collection. This could take me some time, but that's just too bad. Until then there will be no Haus of Gloi orders. I only have two body scrubs and I scrub daily at the moment as I'm trying to detox to help me lose weight, so it won't take long until I'm totally out of body scrub. The shower gels will take longer as I have quite a few of them.

There are a few things that have motivated me to do this. One is that I'm having a spring cleaning urge, another is that my collection is taking up too much space and another is that we're baby proofing the house and I don't have anywhere to store things where bub can't get to it. The though of bub getting into my products horrifies me. Hubby suggested that we buy a cabinet for me to store all my things in, however I decided that it'd be better to get rid of everything so that I have a manageable collection and not an out of control collection. I've finally reached the stage where I can say enough is enough.

As for my make-up, I really need to do the same thing, but that will have to wait, one step at a time. Once I've conquered the skin care I'll move onto the make-up. 


  1. Good for you, I'm trying to do the same thing at the moment. I'm in dire need of a spring clean, I can't get over how many products I have that doubles of or have just plain forgotten about. It's good to get in and have a big stocktake of everything and a clear out.

  2. Good for you! I'm trrrrying to sort of do the same thing myself, though I'm doing it also for $$ reasons as I just spend a ridiculous amount of money on stuff, yet complain that I have no savings. With a trip to the US being planned for next year, I've decided NO MORE MAKE UP! And no more skin/body products until - like you're doing - I'm onto my last item. It's bloody hard, particularly seeing as I obsessively read beauty blogs almost every day which just make me want to buy more - but I'm trying to keep my eye on the big picture! We'll have to try and keep eachother motivated! :)

  3. I m exactly like you! I celebrate a shopping ban by a massive haul and am back to square one!

  4. I am trying to downsize my clutter as well Glossy. I have enough products to supply half of Australia and then some. I made a Haus of Gloi order today but I didn't order one single thing for myself (so incredibly difficult). Everything I got was for Christmas presents for friends!

    All I can say to you is good luck my friend! May the anti-buying police be with you xxxx


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