Saturday, 3 July 2010

I've created a monster

When I first met Mr GQ he used bar soap on his face and vitamin e cream as a moisturiser.

Today, I just had the following conversation with him (whilst he was in the shower).
Mr GQ: Babe, can you get me a new cleanser please?
I handed him an exfoliating face wash which he examined and then said...
Mr GQ: No babe, I just need a normal cleanser, not one with lumps in. I have these two that I use for exfoliating, I just need a normal cleanser without the lumps in it.
Me: This one is a cleanser, it just has micro beads in it.
Mr GQ: No babe, I just need a smooth cleanser, I already have two face scrubs that I use. 

We then went on to discuss the shaving cream I handed him that could also be used as a face wash. He was quite skeptical that a product could do both things, but agreed to test it out and let me know how it went.

I think I've created a monster. Mr GQ now uses a day cream (with sunscreen) and eye cream, cleanser, scrub and anti-aging night cream. He has a tinted moisturiser for when his face is red or he has pimples that he wants to cover up. He also uses body wash and body lotion. 

Mr GQ is well aware of my love for make-up and skin care, but he's never actually seen where I keep all my products. A few months ago he found me with my box of skin care products. I imagine that most men would react with horror, however Mr GQ was delighted. He sat down next to me and spent the next half hour looking at all the products, asking what each one was for, and keeping some for himself! He walked off with pore minimiser, another anti-aging night cream and a day cream. 

I'm quite concerned that he'll raid the supply when I'm not there to make sure he's using the right product, so I've told him he's welcome to use anything that he wants but he needs to talk to me so that I can make sure he's using the right product.


  1. This cracked me up - especially the bit about him sitting down with you to go through the products!

  2. I somehow managed to reject everyone's comments instead of publishing them, so I'll repost them below.

  3. Marjo on Makeup Frenzy:
    This is really funny :) I think men are also interested in such stuff. My ex boyfriend was using the same old soap for his face and a regular body cream when we first met. After some time with me, he was too eager to buy his first hair care products (serums, creams, masks) and his first skin care products (moisturizer, peeling etc) and he was using them happily :)

  4. dempeaux:
    hahahaha!! This is great! I'm going to tell my partner about this... :D

  5. p chan:
    isn't that great?! hahaa...that's my ideal couple bonding time :p

  6. LOL this is so cute! He sounds like he was a little kid on Christmas Day when he saw your skincare box XD

  7. Aww that is so cute! I'm not sure how I would react if my guy was that much into beauty products, though!

  8. I know what you mean, GQ. I too have created a "monster" at my house and it's proving to be a rather expensive mistake:) No longer is he happy to use "supermarket" products and often questions whether the new moisturiser/cleanser/eyecream I have given him has "active ingredients"... He is particularly impressed with his ability to use "beauty terminology" in the correct context - words like "exfoliation" just roll off his tongue nowdays.

  9. LOL, it's so funny reading all these comments. I'm starting to wonder if I should have left Mr GQ in ignorance instead of educating him :)

    I do like that he takes care of his skin, and it shows in his face, he looks a lot younger than most men his age.

    I forgot to mention in my post, last week I caught him using my shampoo (he's bald). I asked him if he knew that he was using shampoo and he said that he did. So I asked him where he was using it and he explained to me that he was using it on his head because he didn't want to use bar soap. I've taught him well! I told him it'd be fine to use cleanser on his head.


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