Monday, 5 July 2010

Elixabeth Arden Face Powder Brush

A few months ago I purchased the Elizabeth Arden mineral foundation and at the same time I purchased the Face Powder Brush. I find this brush isn't that great to use with the mineral foundation as it's quite large and the angled head makes it difficult to fit into the pot, however it's great for applying face powder.  

This is a synthetic brush and it's super soft. Having sensitive skin I find most brushes either scratchy or irritating. I don't have that problem with this brush, it's soft and gentle on my skin. 

I use this to apply powder, bronzer and even blush. The angled head makes it easy to use and great for getting into all the hard to reach places such as the sides of my nose.

What I really love is the mini brush that comes with it. Aside from being super cute, it's a brilliant idea. As you can see from the photos it folds flat so that it can fit into almost any compact. I don't like using sponges to apply my face powder so this brush is perfect for me.   

I open it up and put it into the face powder compact that I carry around with me. Whilst the brush is small, it's big enough to touch up my face powder. It'd be great if the mini brush was available to purchase on it's own, if it was I'd buy a few of them as they are so compact and handy.

As with the large brush, the mini brush is very soft. At a pinch I'd say it could even be used to apply blush and eye shadow.
I paid $50 (AUD) for my Face Powder Brush.  


  1. That is just to cute that it folds flat like that.

    lots of love

  2. I got this brush a year ago and love it - I use it with bare minerals foundation which comes in quite a large pot so this this brush is easy enough to swirl in it. It's also nice for buffing in your mineral foundation once you've got it on with another smaller brush. I love how soft it is. I didn't find much use for the small brush, but it's very cute too :)
    Kat x Click&Make-Up!

  3. Ooooo...I want the little brush! How cute! Very practical too.


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