Friday, 2 July 2010

Bloom Lip Glosses

Back in the days when I had only two lip glosses, one of them was Bloom's Bordeaux. Since then my collection has grown slightly (okay, it's grown more than slightly), but I still have Bloom glosses in my collection. There are many things I love about Bloom Glosses, one of them being that Bloom is an Australian company.  

Bloom Glosses are non sticky, smell like chocolate orange and are hydrating. On my pigmented lips the colours are all quite sheer, however I'd imagine that people with paler lips would find the colours showed up better. You can see from the swatches on my hand that the colours are quite pigmented, it's just my dark lips that changes the colour. I've included a photo of my bare lips so that you can see what I mean. 

In the picture above and below, from left to right are Sweet Pea, Raspberry and Bordeaux.

Bare lips: 

Sweet Pea:



I've had all of these glosses for ages so unfortunately I don't have an ingredients list for them. I emailed Bloom and asked for the ingredients but they haven't gotten back to me. If they do, I'll update my post with the ingredients.

Would I buy Bloom Glosses again? Yes, I always have a few of them in my collection.


  1. these look gorgeous!!

  2. Oooo...I like these. How much are they?

  3. They're $24 (AUD). I haven't found them cheaper anywhere else, although I'm sure some overseas stores would stock them.

  4. Silhouette Screams, I cleverly managed to reject your comment instead of deleting it, so I've reposted it below.

  5. Silhouette Screams:
    These look very pretty and wearable! I kinda laughed at "Back in the days when I had only two lip glosses" - because I kinda wish I still had 2 and not more like 20 :|

  6. I like all the colors of lip glosses, but I prefer the first one that is not that pink. Beautiful lips by the way :) Greetings and thanks for sharing.


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