Wednesday, 7 July 2010

MooGoo Skincare Oil Cleansing Method for Normal Skin

I've recently run out of my MooGoo oil cleanser and I'm really missing it. This was the first oil cleanser I used and I absolutely love it. When I bought this I wasn't sure how if an oil cleanser would leave an oily residue on my skin but it doesn't. 

MooGoo says: This facial cleanser uses selected moisturising oils to gently cleanse the skin. This prevents any drying. Oils chosen are high in anti-aging properties. It is detergent and soap free for supple and healthy skin.
To use: shake bottle and massage oil into the face. Apply a very warm, damp wash cloth over the face for two to three minutes to steam the pores of the skin open and allow the oils to penetrate the skin. Rinse face clean with plain water and a soft cloth.

I don't always follow these instructions, I usually just massage the oil all over my face (including my eyes) for a few minutes then rinse off with a warm wash cloth. In the warmer months I didn't need to use a moisturiser afterwards but in the colder months I do.

After I've used this my skin feels comfortable. It doesn't feel greasy or oily. The cleanser breaks down easily and dissolves when the water is added. As I mentioned already, I use this on my eyes as well. It easily gets rid of all my eye makeup. I do notice that if I use too much on my eyes it can be difficult to get off, so I just leave the wash cloth on my eyes for a few minutes until all the oil has dissolved. 

Would I buy this again? Yes, it's my favourite oil cleanser. 

Ingredients: jojoba oil, rice bran oil, organic sunflower oil, avocado oil, castor oil, vitamin e, tea tree, rosewood, lavender, cedarwood and geranium essential oils.


  1. This is on my list of products to try since you mentioned it the other day!

  2. I am keen to try MooGoo. I also love milk products as skincare ... ho hum!

  3. Good to know! I haven't had a chance to try MooGoo, though I've had them on the 'must try' list for some time. It all looks so good and I only hear good things.


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