Friday, 12 March 2010

My Skin

I'm really excited to share with you a great new website that I've recently been introduced to called My Skin. It's an invite only site and the code for all my lovely readers to use is beautifullyglossy.

To use the site you answer questions about your skin, your lifestyle, your current skin concerns, your medical and family history and your skin care preferences. You then enter products that you've used and that have worked for you. Once you've done that My Skin recommends products that will work for you based on all the information you've provided.  This is great when you're looking for a new product or when an old favorite has been discontinued.

If that wasn't helpful enough, they also have links so that you can select the products you want to buy and My Skin will direct you to the appropriate store. Unfortunately as this is a US site it doesn't work for Australian customers, but it's still a great idea. 

Another thing My Skin does that I find interesting is it gives you a price per day for all the products that you use. I'd always thought that I spend quite a lot on skincare but it works out that I spend less than $2 per day. 

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