Monday, 29 March 2010

Project 10 Pan Update

I've decided to change the rules of P10P again. I've changed it to include all make-up items. I did this because I actually used up a make-up item, something that I thought would never happen.

This month I finished my beloved Jane Sungloss eye shadow, Becca Gisella lipstick, MAC VGV Lipglass and ModelCo Glass Ultra Lipgloss. This brings me to a total of seven products finished. I'm more than half way there!

I've felt like I was taking ages to finish things but this month has been a great month. 


  1. Yay for finishing things!

    Im going really slowly because Im shopping my stash and trying all different things, so I've only managed to use up lipbalms and glosses.

  2. You,re doing really well! I've just pan my two first products of the year LOL.

  3. Ngaw I wish I could finish my lipsticks and glosses, but it just seems impossible LOL. Only thing I've ever finished was my Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner :(

  4. I like working on P10P too, I finished 6 MAC things a few days ago yay!

    I'm a new follower btw :)

    You have a very nice blog!


  5. Congrats on finishing so many things! I finished a couple of skincare products the other day and was sooo happy! It feels great! Keep it up :)

  6. I feel like I'm never going to finish any makeup products! Congrats on getting through so much so quickly!


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