Wednesday, 31 March 2010

March Empties

I had another great month for empties. If I keep on going this way I might actually be down to my ideal collection size by the end of this year.
Cutex nail polish remover
Olay ProX Age Protection lotion 
Biotherm Aquasource eye cream
Malin + Goetz grapefruit face cleanser
Tommy Girl perfume
True Blue Spa Tahiti, Sweetie body lotion
Diana B Peach Frangipani Flower sugar scrub
Ardell Clear Brow Gel 
Rexona Activ Reserve deodorant
Trilogy cream cleanser
NeoStrata Daytime Protection cream 
ModelCo Face Base primer
Olay ProX Wrinkle Smoothing cream

ROX Wrinkle Filler
Bvlgari Omnia perfume
DDF Advanced Micro Exfoliation cleanser
MooGoo Oil Cleansing Method cleanser
Lancome Virtuose mascara

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula
Jhirmack Silver Brightening shampoo
Nivea Soy eye cream


  1. wow! that's a lot of empties. You go. I am working on it too.

  2. OMG you've used up A LOT of products! I was proud to finally be able to use up three products since the beginning of the year LOL.

    Nail polish remover takes ages to finish! Mine is alsmot done, too, but it's good for a few months, though.

    I'm also trying to use up all of my stuff because, after making my stash inventory, I realized I had too much products -_-' I'm trying to not buy anything for a few months.

  3. Yay for empties! :) I'm getting there slowly too, I may have to do my own post like this

  4. You have done really well!!....I have to start using things up rather that having 3 cleansers.....2 eyecreams etc etc on the's ridiculous! x

  5. i don't know how you do it!!!! i've finally hit the bottom of my blush lol and that took 6 months ><

  6. I'm obviously late to this party and maybe I'm not understanding was it is going on here - you are TRYING to have LESS stuff? You know you will be kicked out of the cosmetics hoarders society for that kind of nonsense right?! ;-)

    Best, Lisamarie

  7. March was such a good month, but a few of those products are sample and gwp size, so they are really easy to use up.

    Lisamarie, hehe, I've got so much stuff it'll be ages before I get kicked out of the cosmetics hoarders society :)

  8. omg, what an awesome idea for a post! I love it.

    Good for you! I need to start emptying some stuff before I buy new ones.. :\

  9. What a great concept - documenting the empties. I love the cute photos too.


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