Friday, 26 February 2010

February Empties

Rexona Sport Women deodorant
Natural Instinct natural cream facial cleanser
Fantasy perfume
ModelCo Illusion lip pencil
Lancome Virtuose mascara
Clinique full potential lips
Elf plumping lip glaze
Laura Mericer eye kohl
Ecocentrip lipcare lip balm

Olay ProX eye restoration complex
Purestuf Kissable Mint lip balm
Vrindavan Organic Peppermint lip balm
Make-up remover pads
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation 
Clarins Advanced Extra Firming Eye Contour Serum
The Body Collection Sparkling bath bubbler
Designer Brands Mango Body Butter


  1. Well done! I've been feeling proud of myself because i've had about 3 empties recently, ha ha!

  2. omg you have so many empties! haha
    I feel so bad, I haven't finished anything.

  3. Wow you used up a bottle of perfume! It takes so much time!

    Congrats for all of these empties (=

  4. Well done! I think I only finished off some hand cream last month :|

  5. my mouth drops every time i read your empties!!! i am trying so damn hard to finish a cleanser and a blush that i've had forever!! my mum rkn i look like i got punched in the face!

  6. Good work! I very rarely use anything up, sigh. I love the new layout too, very nice :)

  7. Lillian: Thanks! I'm making a huge effort to use things up this year, it's my aim for the year.

    PetitDerriere: My secret is just using one of each thing until it's gone. I find I use things up a lot faster that way.

    Gaby: Thanks. I've been on a perfume no buy for over a year now so it's a relief to have used one up.

    SilhouetteScreams: Thanks. It makes me feel good to be able to see all the stuff I've used up.

    Lily: Wow, trying to finish a blush would be difficult. I've been hitting pan on my Dandelion blush for over a year now and there's still heaps to go. I use it almost every day too.

    Hayley: Thanks, It's great to see you back again!


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