Friday, 12 February 2010

My Collection January 2010

As this year is all about using things up (and because I'm bored at the moment), I decided to take photos of all the products that I want to use up this year. These are the products that I've got waiting to use, it doesn't include the products that I'm currently using. I'm hoping that in December when I take these photos again I'll be down to the ideal product levels that I posted about here

Face Moisturisers



Face Scrubs and Masks

Hair Care 



Body lotions and shower oil

Fake tans and bronzing gel
 Body butters and body sprays

Shower gels and body scrubs

 Hand cream and foot products


Cleansers and Face Masks

Anti aging products 

 Products that I forgot to include in the other photos


  1. That looks like my stash used to lol!

    In an aside, can you email me your addy? I may have lost it when I left the Forum.

  2. WOAH that's a lot of stuff you've got here! I should do a post like this too but I guess I'm too lazy xD

  3. *drools* so much stuff!

    And is that MooGoo I spy? :D

  4. Whoaaa, you sure have alot of products to last you ages :))

  5. Rosie, I've emailed you :)

    Gaby, hahaha. It took me a while to take all the photo's but I was bored at the time so it gave me something to do.

    SilhouetteSCreams, yes it is Moo Goo. I'll be doing a review once I've used it.

    Foxy Frangipani, now you see why I'm trying to use it all up!

  6. I did a post like this a couple of months ago about teh shame of all teh things I have in my stash that I do not use. I'm slowly introducing new things and discovering hidden treasures which is a lot of fun - looks like you will too! :)


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