Monday, 22 February 2010

Project Ten Pan Update

Project Ten Pan is going quite slowly for me this time around. I've managed to finish off one lip gloss so I suppose that's a good start. I'm almost finished a Becca lipstick, hopefully I'll finish that off in the next few weeks. Not sure what will be next though as I don't have any more lip products that are near the end. I suppose I'll just have to keep on plugging away at them.

I gave up trying to buy Baby Sparks Dazzleglass locally. Every time I try to buy it they are out of stock and I've been on a waiting list since the beginning of December. So instead of waiting I bought it from ACW. It cost me around $20 (AUD) including postage. If I bought it locally it would have cost me $42 (AUD). 

I've decided to include lip pencils in this P10P. I didn't include them originally as I didn't think I'd finish any, but I've managed to finish one so I'm going to count it. I've also thrown away a gloss that's gone off so I'm going to count that too. That makes my total three so far. 

The gloss I finished was Clinique Full Potential in Play-Full Plump. The gloss I threw away was ELF plumping Lip Glaze and the pencil I finished was ModelCo Illusion. 


  1. lol my proj 10 pan is slower than a snail moving.. i've only chucked out a lash curler in the last year!!

    I just discovered ACW... and it seems like a good place to haul my bottom off! :D

  2. I LOVE ACW :) I refuse to buy MAC at Australian prices, they're probably the most ludicrous MAC prices in the world :(

    My PXP is going terribly slow as well, I keep using up products that don't count, like makeup remover and hand cream. It's hard because I'm trying to shop my stash and use a bit of everything, instead of just plugging away at 10 things for the sake of finishing them =/

  3. ACW is amazing, they are so much cheaper. We really do pay ridiculous prices here.

    It's hard when P10P goes so slowly isn't it? I've been considering cheating and changing it to make it all make-up and not just lip products.

  4. You can do it, GQ, you've been so good at it so far! But yes, I understand your frustration...still, it must be great to see that lip pencil stub, I think I'll be 90 by the time I finish one of MY lip pencils!! xx


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