Monday, 15 February 2010

Post and Shame Challenge Update

Behold! I have finished an eye pencil!!!!!

This challenge is tortuous. Finishing lip balms is easy. And not buying more lip balms is easy too as I have way too many and have tried almost all of the balms that are available to me (although now that I've discovered Addicted 2 Lip Balm the temptation is a little stronger).

Eye pencils are the tortuous part. Not buying them is easy, but finishing four eye pencils seems like an impossible task. Amazingly I've managed to finish one eye pencil (my Laura Mercier Black Turquoise eye kohl)  but it's going to take me months to finish another one. I can see this challenge taking me six months or more (which I'm sure is what evil Music intended).
If I was allowed to count eye pencils that I've given away then this challenge would be over as I just gave three eye pencils to one of my friends. She'd run out (can you imagine?) so I gave her three of mine that were brand new.

I've now finished six lip balms and thrown out another four making eight in total. I still have a whole pile of lip balms to finish to get down to a reasonable amount but at least I'm getting there. Who knows. By the time I've finished four eye pencils I might have less than twenty lip balms left, wouldn't that be amazing?


  1. I'm currently trying to do this - use everything until I run out of it. It sucks! But it's saving me money..

    I've never finished an eye pencil, congratulations!

  2. congrats!!!! i think it'll be another year or so for me to finish my eyeliner.. i've had it for ages and it's not going anywhere..

  3. Congrats :D lip bams have been the only thing I've been able to finish in my Project 10 Pan so far

  4. Give any you aren't in love with to a local women's shelter, along with any new and unused body products. That way, you reduce the stach, and do a good deed.

  5. I love these entries. I think I am going to officially join the bandwagon on my blog. Keep up the awesome work!


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