Friday, 19 February 2010

Jane Sungloss EyeZing Eye Shadow

I'm sure I've mentioned before that Jane Sungloss eye shadow is my favorite eye shadow. I loved it from the first time I used it a few years ago. As I can't buy it here I was using it sparingly for a while but as you can see it's nearly all finished so I've been using it every day for the last few months. 
Now that I'm nearly finished with it I've been searching high and low for a colour to replace it and I can't find anything. I've been to MAC, Bobbi Brown, Kit, Inglot and Estee Lauder as I figured they were the brands most likely to have something similar but they don't.
The reason that I love Sungloss so much is because it's so versatile. It's perfect as a pretty, shimmery wash of colour on days when I want to look polished but don't have a lot of time. It's great as a base under other colours, it's great as a crease colour and it looks lovely layered lightly over matte colours to give them a bit of sparkle.

The other reason I love Sungloss is because it has a little bit of shimmer but it's subtle. I find that some shimmery eye shadows make my eyelids look crepey, but I don't have that problem with Sungloss.

On top of all that it doesn't crease or fade and looks as good at the end of the day as it did when I first applied it.

Unfortunately for Australians Jane products aren't available here.


  1. Did you take a look at Mac's Jest?

    From the pictures they look very similar.

  2. beautiful colour!!!! i love eyeshadow that you can just slap on any time and look gorgeous!

  3. Awww, sniffles. Maybe someone from the states will CP one for you.

  4. No luck on ebay or anything? :( There would probably be some mineral makeup dupes, though not sure if you're into that kinda thing

  5. Darling, look at and - both *claim* to ship internationally, and both carry Jane.


  6. I'm not sure if I looked at Jest, Jayme, thanks for the rec.

    SilhouetteScreams, I've tried ebay with no luck, I'm thinking mineral make-up companies are my next option.

  7. Ohh, thanks Rosie, I'm going to check out those sites now.

  8. Awww...why aren't they available in Australia!!!

    The colour looks very subtle and pretty! I like colours like that because then, I can wear it during the day!


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