Sunday, 16 February 2020

Thoughts of the week

1. Surgery tomorrow! I'm just want it over and done with. Can't say I'm looking forward to starting my recovery all over again but it'll be worth it.

2. The way media portrays women really shits me. They really need to stop constantly blaming women, it's just not okay. 
Take Perth Now. Let's compare how they portray women compared to how men are portrayed.
"Moment married Con wooed Denim" vs
"Man, 29, shared child sex material online"
Now let's fix that. If you read the article, Denim approached Constance, therefore it was him wooing her.
As for the man (paedophile), he shared child sex abuse porn.

3. Who's watching MAFS? I watched the first episode but just couldn't bring myself to watch any more. I might watch it on catch up when I'm laying around after my surgery.

4. I don't think Tiger realises that I'm going to be laying around the whole time he's home. I've told him numerous times but the reality of it just hasn't sunk in. He'll figure it out eventually.

5. I've got nothing else.

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