Friday, 28 April 2017

FFS Friday - Gone

This week Tiger has actually done a few things around the house and he's so proud of himself. FFS.

It's not anything amazing, just things that he should be doing all the time that he hasn't. Basic house maintenance.

I've been giving him ridiculous amounts of praise to try to encourage him to continue doing the things that he needs to.

Why is it like this? What's with people who do the bare minimum then expect an enormous amount of praise?

So you weeded a small portion of the garden. Good on you, here's a medal. So you cleaned out the mess you made in the garage, well done! FFS.

I shouldn't have to praise him every time he does the tiniest little thing. He doesn't praise me for doing anything and yet he expects a standing ovation when he does anything. FFS.

I just don't get it.

Yesterday we had Chai's Paediatrician appointment. It was a $335 waste of money. 

He told us that we're doing the right thing and to come back in 3 months to see if the OT sessions are helping. Fark.

I could have told myself that and saved $335.

I still haven't fully gotten my head around the Sensory Processing information. I feel like it's been a whirlwind and I haven't had the chance to sit down quietly and process everything.

I don't understand it fully yet I'm trying to explain it to Tiger and the school when I really have not much of an idea what I'm talking about. 

I just want everything to be okay for him, I want him to be happy.

The urge to take my babies and run is very, very strong. I can see where we'd go. A gorgeous little cottage with a wood fire, close to the ocean and surrounded by green. It'd be peaceful perfection. 

No school, no expectations, just lots of nature and messy play. Sounds like fun to me. 

If you don't hear from me next week you'll know I've gone. 

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