Sunday, 26 June 2016

Thoughts of the week

1. Dad gave me the My Head Is An Animal CD by Of Monsters and Men for my birthday. I've been listening to it non stop, it's awesome. 

2. Thanks to the Veggie Mama I discovered Briami. I could happily live on it. I pretty much have been.  

3. There's a possibility that Tiger could have work locally. It's freaking me out a little bit. He's been working away for three years now and as much as I hate it when he's away, when he's home I have him every day for two whole weeks. It means that we get to do so much together. If he works locally I'll get him one day a week. Not sure how that will go. I suppose we'll find out sooner or later. 

4. There are two type of people in this world, those who iron their clothes and those who don't. I'm the latter.

5. I am in declutter mode. I've decluttered my make-up and skin care (still have a long way to go though) and I've now started attacking the junk room. I have no idea how and why we have so much crap! 

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