Friday, 24 June 2016

FFS Friday - Bogan

Hello Friday! Fridays are the best aren't they? Or not. I used to love Friday when I worked. Not so much now. I do like having Chai home though. Poor little man hasn't been well lately, he was off four days last week and two days this week. I much prefer having him home.

Anyhow, it's FFS Friday and I've got nurt. That's right, I have nothing to complain about. How is that possible? Surely there must have been something whine worthy that happened this week.

Oh that's it. 

The day has finally come. 

I've turned into a country bogan. 

I really have. 

I cemented it this week when I purchased a flano shirt. 

I'm planning to wear it with my black jeans and ugg boots. 

Bogan city, I have arrived.

In my defence, it's been really, really cold down here lately. So cold that I can't feel my feet most of the time. 

Whilst I absolutely love winter, I'd like to be able to feel my feet occasionally.

Thankfully I'm in good bogan company. Most of the other mothers at school are bogans in disguise too. Last week a few of us were having a discussion and one of them told us she has dress trackies. I need to get onto that. 

I'm not sure why bogans get such a bad rap, I think we're pretty cool.  

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