Monday, 20 June 2016

Final Lip Balm Challenge Update

Today marks the end of my Lip Balm Challenge. I wanted to finish ten lip balms in twelve months, I managed to do it in nine months. September the tenth was the end date of my challenge but I finished my tenth balm on Saturday. I considered keeping on until September to see how many more balms I could finish but decided not to as I want to start another challenge. 

You can read my first post here, first update here and second update here

Initially I was planning to finish ten lip balms that I'd chosen. That quickly went out the window and I decided to finish any ten lip balms. At the half way mark I'd finished four balms and things weren't looking too hopeful. Luckily, just after I wrote my half way mark post I finished three lip balms in a row and things started looking up. 

I'm so pleased with myself. It must be said that I use lip balm almost exclusively now. I put on lipstick in the morning, reapply it before school pick-up and the rest of the day I use lip balm. 

Now that I've completed this challenge I'm going to set myself another one. Come back Wednesday to find out what it is.

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