Saturday, 18 June 2016

FFS Friday - FML

Back in January the BIL contacted us and asked us if we could go over to visit him and SIL in July. He'd arranged for his parents to go over and thought it'd be nice if we were all there together. We agreed on the dates and booked our tickets in early February.

We arranged a unit next door to where BIL and SIL live and were looking forward to seeing them both. I was particularly looking forward to spending time with SIL as I haven't seen her for a few years.

Three weeks ago we were talking to them on Skype and when Tiger said "See you in July" he heard SIL say that she wouldn't be there. WTF? That was the first we'd heard of it, every other time she'd said she was looking forward to seeing us. FFS.

Tiger messaged BIL to find out what was going on. Turns out the whole time that we'll be over there SIL will be in KL with her parents. FFS.

She gets back the day before we leave, so we'll see her for a few hours. FFS.

If we'd known that she wasn't going to be there Tiger would have gone over on his own and it would have saved us a heap of money! FFS.

She obviously booked her tickets after we'd planned our trip, knowing that it meant she wouldn't see us. FFS.

I understand she wants to see her parents, but surely the trip could have been arranged for a week when we weren't over there? FFS.

I'm so disappointed. Now it's just me, MIL and a whole pile of males. FFS. 

I don't want to go, being stuck with MIL and all the men will not be fun. FFS.

They didn't bother to tell the PILs either and when we told them MIL announced "Well I don't mind and if I don't mind no-one else should" cause she's the centre of the universe. FFS.


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