Thursday, 27 August 2015

New in from The Body Shop

On Monday The Body Shop launched a beautiful new Spa of the World range. I was lucky enough to receive some of the products to trial and have been using them daily since I picked them up. 

The first product I used was the Dead Sea Salt Scrub. It has a creamy base with large coarse crystals. If you're someone who likes gentle scrubs you'll probably love this, but for me, I don't rate it as an exfoliator at all. However, I still love it. I use it as a hydrating shower cream, it's as moisturising as the in shower moisturisers such as Nivea and it smells amazing. It leaves a subtle scent on my skin that I can notice all day. It's not strong enough that it competes with my perfume, but on those days that I'm not wearing perfume I get lovely wafts of fragrance all day.  

My favourite product is the Japanese Camellia Cream. It feels like silk. You can see from the photo above how smooth and silky it is. I feel like I'm rubbing clouds on my skin whenever I use it. Seriously, you have to try it. 

Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil is my other favourite product. Again, it smells beautiful. I've been using this as a body and hair oil, it doesn't weigh down my hair and gives it a gorgeous scent. 

The Moroccan Rhassould Body Clay reminds me of a body clay that I had from Red Earth. Body clay's are really messy but lots of fun. They aren't overly practical, cause sitting around slathered in mud is very messy, but my skin feels so smooth and soft once I've washed it off.

Overall I'm in love with everything that I received and looking forward to trying the rest of the products in the range. I have my eye on the Hawaiian Kukui Cream.

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