Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Garnier Miracle Skin Cream

When this much hyped dupe for the Origins VitaZing moisturiser was released here I was excited (and bought it straight away). I loved VitaZing but found it a little bit too dark for me, so I was hoping that Miracle Skin Cream would be a better match. Thankfully it is.

Garnier make big claims about Miracle Skin Cream. It's touted as an anti-ageing cream with instant and long term results.

The claims: A breakthrough formula with 12 patents that combines self-adjusting technology with anti-ageing benefits for an instant & long-lasting transformation. 
Instantly, its self-adjusting formula is enriched with micro-pigments that provide natural coverage by adjusting to match your skin tone. Skin is immediately flawless, radiant and appears visibly younger.
Enriched with 7 anti-ageing actives (LHA, Pro-Retinol, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, firming peptides, anti-oxidant ginger) + SPF 15 protection, fights against the signs of ageing for lasting results.
In 28 days, wrinkles and imperfections are reduced, complexion is more even and skin is firmer.

I've been using my Miracle Skin Cream for about six week now and I'm yet to notice any change in my wrinkles, imperfections, complexion or skin firmness, so I don't agree with them on that point. 
As for their claim that my skin will be visibly younger, I disagree with that too, however you can look at the photos and judge for yourself.  

Naked face
A very subtle difference but a difference none the less. You can see that my skin looks more radiant and even toned.

In my opinion this is a lovely product. I'll often use it in place of a tinted moisturiser with a light dusting of powder over the top. It also works well used under tinted moisturiser or foundation, it gives my skin an added glow.

Miracle Skin Cream is a light cream that absorbs quickly. I use it over moisturiser as it isn't hydrating enough for my parched winter skin. For those of you with oily skin it'd probably be fine to use in place of moisturiser. 

The bottom line - I like Miracle Skin Cream better than VitaZings, purely because the colour matches better to my pale skin.

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