Sunday, 2 August 2015

Dear Eljay

My precious boy. Today you are two years old! Two! And what a little character you are. You are such a delight, you are curious about everything and love to communicate. Last month you decided you'd start talking, you are saying so many different words and putting together two and three word sentences. Your first two word sentence was "miss Daddy". You do miss your Daddy but you handle him being away fairly well, it's all you've known so it's normal to you. 

You have a very strong personality and everyone knows when you are not happy about something. I can see you are going to be a fiesty one, you don't hesitate to stick up for yourself. You are determined to do things yourself, you are constantly saying "Do" or "Do it" and then once you've accomplished your task you'll happily announce "Did" or "Did it".

Chai and you are developing a beautiful relationship. You love playing together and I'll often find you both sitting in the toy room playing cars or dinosaurs.

Your favourite book is Cheeky Monkey and your favourite toys are balls, you love balls, we have them all over the house. You'll fall asleep with a ball clutched in your hand and it's still there when you wake up. Jumping is another thing you love to do. After much determined effort you started jumping when you were 19 months and you haven't looked back. You love when we go to your aunty's house and you get to jump on the trampoline.

You don't yet sleep through the night and you're still breastfeeding, you aren't showing any signs of giving up the boob soon. As far as you are concerned a feed is the cure for anything that ails you. 

My beautiful son, you are my greatest joy, the sunshine in my day and the reason I get out of bed every day (and several times every night). I'm so glad you chose me to be your mum.

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