Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Top Three Tuesday - Hydrating Lip Glosses

I've always been a gloss girl, if I had a choice of lip gloss or lipstick it was always lip gloss. At work I'd always have a tube of lip gloss on my desk and I'd reapply it constantly throughout the day. Since I stopped working I've become more of a long lasting lipstick and lip balm person. I really, really miss my glosses but I find they aren't as practical because I just don't get to reapply them during the day. Also, since we moved south my lips have become a lot dryer so I need something hydrating. That's where these beauties come in, hydrating lip glosses. Once again, narrowing down my favourites to only three was difficult but I managed and here you have my top three favourite hydrating lip glosses.

Jane Iredale PureGloss lip gloss - This has been my go to winter lip gloss. It packs a great punch of colour with the hydrating feel of a lip balm. An added bonus is that the tube is flat so it fits easily in my back pocket (very handy when you're running around after kids all day). At the moment I only have the one shade (Cosmo), something I need to remedy.

CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint - It's horrible when you fall in love with a product that isn't available in your country. My love affair with Mentha Lip Tints started years ago when I received two in a swap. I carefully hoarded them until I managed to get my hands on a few more. Every time I get some they are used sparingly as I don't know when I'll be able to restock. Luckily for me my brother went to the US last year and bought back five, so I'm set for a while. But I digress. 
These are awesome! They smell like mint, they're really moisturising and super shiny. The tint is fairly sheer, on my pigmented lips it's not very noticeable, but I don't mind that because it means I can reapply without using a mirror. If you happen to be going through Sydney airport towards the end of the year, pop into the Bath and Bodyworks store and pick up a few Mentha Lip Tints.

Lancome Lip Lover - Lancome claim that this provides the comfort of a balm, the colour of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss and they are right. It has a great, intense colour and it feels quite hydrating. Out of the three glosses I've mentioned, Lip Lover is the least hydrating, however it still feels like a balm, just a light one. The packaging is lovely, you press the button on the front to release the lid which means it'd be handbag safe (it's also baby proof as they can't wrangle the lid off). 

What are your favourite hydrating glosses?

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