Thursday, 4 December 2014

Our wedding

Today is our fourth wedding anniversary.
We had a very simple wedding. I've never been one of those women who dream about their wedding day. My dream wedding was (and still is) going to Vegas and getting married by Elvis.

I was six months pregnant and going to Vegas wasn't an option, so instead I wanted to go to the registry office then have lunch with our immediate family afterwards. Tiger wanted the full on wedding with a sit down meal, band and all the fluff. That sounds like hell to me.
Instead we compromised and had a cocktail party for 50 people. We were married on the beach and the party was in a penthouse where we also spent the night.

I got my dress on ebay for $100 and mum prettied it up for me. The veil was Tiger's Mum's and I wore Mum's jewellery. My wedding shoes were sparkly thongs. 
Looking back there's not much I'd change.

To my amazing husband, happy anniversary. 

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