Friday, 5 December 2014

FFS Friday - Ablutions

Tuesday morning there was major panic in our house. FFS.

Tiger came in an announced that as a result of Bella (our puppy) eating rocks she'd snapped off two of her teeth. FFS.

I asked him if it was just her puppy teeth falling out and making way for her adult teeth but he said that it wasn't as the teeth were snapped off half way down the tooth. FFS.

Further questioning revealed that they had snapped off at the gum. FFS.

I was pretty sure it was just her puppy teeth but Tiger was convinced that dogs teeth don't fall out. FFS.

A quick check with google confirmed I was right (as usual). Not FFS.

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. Not FFS.

Once again, Tiger was at work and we didn't get to spend the day/evening together. FFS.

FIFO sucks. FFS.

 Both boys have now decided that they like to shower with me. Every day. FFS.

Showering when Tiger is away is always a challenge. FFS.

I usually have the kids either trying to kill each other or tearing the house down so it's never peaceful, but at least it used to be a few minutes when I was alone with no-one touching me. Not any more. FFS.

Now I shower straddling one or both of the boys. FFS.

They sit happily (or lay) on the floor of the shower whilst I contort myself in an attempt to get my ablutions completed without stepping on one of them, getting soap in their eyes etc. Fun times. Not! FFS.

I keep telling myself that in years to come these are the times I'll miss, but I remain unconvinced. FFS.

That's all from me, now it's your turn. Tell me something amazing. Or not. 

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