Friday, 19 December 2014

FFS Friday - That is all

It's no secret that I am a fan of natural remedies and products. Actually, come to think of it, there's nothing that's secret around here. Anyhow, I spend a considerable amount on buying natural cleaning products for the house. Our finances are rather tight at the moment and in a fit of "I'm a hippy, I can be one of those awesome people who only use bicarb soda, vinegar, clove oil and water to clean the house", I got all inspired and decided I'd use vinegar and water to clean the shower. Big mistake. FFS.

I trotted down to the shopping centre, bought some vinegar and a spray bottle then hurried home, all proud of my hippy self. FFS.

Checked the internet, mixed up the vinegar and water then liberally sprayed it all around the shower. After I'd drowned the whole shower recess with my vinegar/water mix (and trying to ignore the horrible stench of vinegar) I strutted out of the bathroom pretty pleased with myself and set about waiting for the vinegar to do it's magic. FFS.

After an hour I went back into my extremely smelly bathroom with a scourer and set about scrubbing my shower. Nothing happened. FFS.

The yukky dark bits and dirt would not budge. FFS.

No matter how hard I scrubbed, the dirt was staying put. FFS.

Even worse, I've now got white marks on the dark tiles, not a good look. FFS.

Stupid bloody useless vinegar. FFS.

So I was left with a dirty bathroom that stunk like vinegar. FFS.

Every time I went to the bathroom I walked out wanting chips. FFS.

The vinegar stench stuck around like a bad smell. Haha, do you see what I did there? I'm so funny (in my own mind). FFS.

It took a week for the vinegar smell to go. FFS.

When it finally went away I used nasty chemicals on the shower and the dirt was gone in an instant. FFS.

So much for me being a hippy. FFS.

Our wedding anniversary was a few weeks ago. Not FFS.

As usual, Tiger was away for it. FFS.

I ordered his present online and it took ages to get here. A package that would normally get to me overnight took 13 days to arrive. FFS.

As luck would have it, his present arrived the day he got home. Not FFS.

Tiger's present to me didn't work out so well. FFS.

He ordered it from Kogan. Never again. FFS.

The order was placed two weeks before our anniversary. 10 days after he'd placed the order they email him to say they couldn't post to PO Boxes. FFS.

He gave them our home address and they said the package would be posted out that day. Two weeks later when it hadn't arrived Tiger called them and they told him the package was waiting to be dispatched and would be sent that day. Not FFS.

That afternoon they sent him an email saying that they didn't have stock anymore so we wouldn't be receiving our package. FFS.

This means that the guy he spoke to in the morning had lied to him. FFS.

Onya Kogan. Won't be ordering from them again. FFS.

If that's not bad enough, they now tell us it'll take at least 7 days for our money to be refunded. Fuckers.

As luck would have it, he bought me a Galaxy Gearfit. It would have been great because my FitBit died yesterday. Oh well. FFS.

Now it's excuse time. You may have noticed I'm late posting my weekly whinge fest. That's because we are in teething hell once again. FFS.

Poor Elay is getting his bottom molars through. FFS.

He's so out of sorts. FFS.

Yesterday he cried when Bella (the dog) looked at him. FFS.

None of us are getting much sleep. FFS.

We've gotten about 4 hours sleep the last two nights. FFS.

Due to that, this morning we had Kahlua in our coffee. Not FFS.

It was awesome. Not FFS.

That is all.

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