Sunday, 19 October 2014

This weeks face

Another week, another very simple face. I really miss the days where I could take time putting on my makeup and trying different looks. Now I'm usually holding Eljay in my arms and trying to stop him grabbing whatever I'm using whilst hoping Chai isn't tearing the house apart.

I didn't get much sleep this week so I've been trying to get my glow on to fake a wide awake look. Not sure I fooled anyone but it was worth a try. I didn't bother including my mascara or brow pencil as I'm using the same ones every week.

My Olay Touch of Foundation is nearly finished. I'm doing my best to use it up, it'll give me another Beauty Diet empty. My Maybelline Lumi Touch Concealer floated to the top of my make-up bag so it's been my concealer of choice this week. It's great for hiding dark circles and it wear well with only minimal creasing. I'm going to endeavour to finish this by the end of the year, that should be achievable as it's only small.

Illuminator is a must for super tired people, my choice this week was my Revlon Skinlights. Do they still make these? I'm not sure. If they don't it's a shame as they are a gorgeous product. They give a glow without being glittery or highlighting all my flaws.

A skin tone eyeliner is the secret to faking wide awake eyes and this little gem by Models Prefer is perfect. It's the Infinite Colour Eye Pencil in Nude Appeal. The colour is just the right shade to fake the wide awake look without being too bright and obvious. 

Lips have been Nars Dragon Girl or L'oreal Infallible in Blossoming Berry.

I had wanted to finish my Inglot AMC blush as part of the Beauty Diet but clearly that's not going to happen. I was using it every day at the start of the year but then I got side tracked and forgot about it. In a way I'm glad I haven't finished it as it's a gorgeous colour and I'd miss it if it was gone.

My horrible eye rash has come back but I'm sick of not wearing eye make-up so I used my MAC Painterly Paint Pot. It's great for a nude wash of colour, it brightens my eyes but at the same time it's barely noticeable.

What were your favourite products this week? 

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